Kimono Waffle Weave 48" White Bath Robe (10 oz) (10ea)

1888 Mills
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Immerse your guests in the pinnacle of luxury with the 1888 Mills Lightweight Unisex Kimono Bathrobe. This robe brings you an unrivaled experience that exudes sophistication, comfort, and style.

Experience the Difference: Crafted from premium 100% cotton, this bathrobe epitomizes indulgence. Its lightweight design ensures your guests feel enveloped in a cloud of softness, allowing them to unwind and relax effortlessly. The breathable fabric allows for maximum comfort, making it the ideal choice for both warm and cooler climates.

Expertly Designed for Excellence: Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this kimono-style bathrobe showcases our commitment to excellence. The elegant and versatile kimono cut embraces both classic and contemporary aesthetics, ensuring a timeless appeal that suits any discerning guest. The waffle weave adds a touch of texture and sophistication, creating a stylish statement piece.