Fresh Prod. P-Shield Urinal Mat - Black/Black (Unscented)

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The P-Shield 2.0's unique on trend design provides an upscale look to catch errant urine splatters and neutralize them in the men's room for 60 days. It absorbs & neutralizes twice as much urine as other mats, preventing urine contamination to other areas. It has a non-slip tacky bottom layer that seals the urine in, prevents movement and protects floors.

Product Features

  • Eliminates cross contamination of urine from the restroom to other areas of a facility or restaurant
  • Prevents damage and costly floor repairs caused by discoloration and uric acid etching
  • Reduces cost in use by 50%. Lasts 2X longer than other mats, saving money and affordably placing mats in more businesses
  • Super absorbent locks in 2-4 times more urine than other mats
  • Looks better longer, preventing costly ?ugly out? mat replacement
  • Neutralizes urine with diaper industry technology. Every mat has a mold inhibitor and odor counteractant specifically designed for urine
  • Out indicator system reminds custodial staff when to change it for timely maintenance without waste
  • A great fit for office buildings, restaurants and other high-end restrooms
  • Protects from slip & falls with non-slip bottom, that keeps floors drier, by keeping mats under urinals.
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