30-Day Metered Aerosol (Assorted Scents)

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30 Day Premium Metered Air Fresheners with odor neutralizers feature complex, long lasting fragrances. A wide choice of fragrances are available and can suit all locations, such as restrooms, reception areas, office blocks, schools and anywhere in need of a fragrance.

Product Features

  • Contains 3,000 metered releases
  • Effective in areas up to 7,062 cubic feet
  • Fits Metered Fragrance Dispenser (32-0555TM)
  • Zero (JX-11012) contains proprietary Airadicate® malodor counteractant and odor neutralizer to help reduce and stop bad odors. Zero attaches to malodorous molecules, removing them from the air and leaving a virtually fragrance free environment in its place.
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